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HUNT or Total February by Franzobel 2005

From 2005 to 2008, the industrial ruin served as a monumental theatrical scenery. The Hausruck spielt association commissioned Franzobel to write a play about the bloody civil war year of 1934. Professional actors, including Karl Markovics in the leading role, and numerous amateur actors thematised the fateful year at the Hausruck coal-mining area. Thousands of spectators enjoyed a spectacular performance.

Featuring: Karl Markovics, Stefanie Dvorak, Franz Froschauer.
Directed by: Georg Schmiedleitner.
Stage design: Stefan Brandtmayr, with students of the University of Arts Linz: Elisa Andessa, Veronika Barnaš, Stephanie Mold, Chris Müller, Monika Rannert, Laura Tanase (Two wins at the Nestroypreis and the 2005 Upper Austrian performing arts award)