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URFAHRANER MARKET – 200 Years of Merrymaking in Linz 2017

Exhibition at the NORDICO Citymuseum Linz: 3.2.–21.5.2017

Candy floss, merry-go-round, sugary tummy, flirting, dodgems, getting drunk for the first time … could growing up in Upper Austria even be imagined without the “Urfix”, as Urfahraner Market is lovingly called?

Urfahraner Market is Austria's oldest fair, and this year it's time to celebrate its 200-year anniversary. Twice a year, nine days each in spring and autumn, the car park at Urfahraner Donaulände gives way to the great charm of the booths, with all kinds of goods, food and drink, big fireworks and 'Hutschen' (swings) – which today are prosaically called fairground ride.

Five rooms at the NORDICO Stadtmuseum Linz highlight the Urfahraner Market's history, from its beginnings to the present.
Step inside!

Family Tree of upper austrian show people © Veronika Barnaš